I’ve been exercising (virtually) every day for over a year. According to my watch I’ve evercised 515 of the last 548 days. According to my watch I’ve hit the far more nebulous goal of “Movement” 529 of those days. I am fitter than I have been in years, but I am also still not in the physical shape I want to be in and feel horrible about myself in general (that’s part of my own particular brand of crazy). So let’s make public the goals I have and (eventaully) set up something to track them goals for posterity.

Most impactful and, probably, difficult thing for me to start doing again is tracking the intake. It doesn’t really matter how much I exercise if I eat poopy. Which brings me to the second most impactful thing I can do. For a while I was doing a extremely low-carb thing and I could feel a difference in my body. Probably not going full keto, but I’ll keep it low. So track what I eat and eat low carb. Totally do-able. Low carb, however, brings me to my kryptonites.

Sweets and alcohol. Two nutritiously void things that I consume, possibly, too often. Well, sweets I definitely consume too often. So what to do with those? Cut them out entirely? Give myself a rule of no more than X times per week? I don’t know what the long term decision will be – so I’ll go extreme first and set myself a rule. No sweets, no added sugar, no ice cream, no pop, and no booze for three months. Let’s see how it goes and re-evaluate then.